Health & Nutrition

Baseline helps to power health and nutrition digital products by transforming how providers are tracking key stakeholders, controlling bookings, utilizing geolocation services, and how they are integrating with payment providers and other back of house systems to keep on top of the high paced day-to-day operations.

End-user Management

Happy customers drive growth. They transact more often, spend more, cost less to serve, and promote your organization to others. Your customer’s journey likely involves interactions with your organization across a variety of channels, and your customers expect a consistent experience.

laptop and phone

Baseline helps organizations understand every journey, predict customer behavior, and take action to improve experiences before, during, or after they occur. With Baseline, you can focus on making your customers happy, which in turn increases your revenue and lowers your costs.

Gamified Experience

Take performance to the next level with gamification. With Baseline, you can gives end-users a sense of progress, goal and propose, winning badges, and reach points give kind of achievement and motivation of self-improvement in a clear direction.


Creating engagement with a product is not an easy task. Making users come back, again and again, requires something to hook them with the product. Baseline gives you that foundation, by using gamification to improve user experience and engagement.

Intercom Integration

The Intercom Baseblock allows you to create better customer relationships, no matter your volume or availability. Live chat is just the beginning, the Business Messenger also has bots, apps, in-app messages, and more to connect you to customers like never before.


Don’t worry about opening the floodgates, the Business Messenger helps you manage more customers with the same team, without letting CSAT scores drop. It also brings you upleveled support automation that scales your team by resolving 33% of common questions for you.

What you get out of the box


User sign-up, sign-in, and access control to your app.

Serverless Computing

Event-driven compute service that empowers you to scale.

Cloud Storage

Object storage service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

Internationally available

At edge services deliver your app anywhere anytime.


Notify your users with emails, text messages or in-app messages.

Parameter Store

Replace hardcoded credentials with programmatic API calls.