Baseline Core Features

An entire code base of features!

Major Components

Everything you need to start focusing on what makes your application unique from day one.


Seamlessly handle API interactions with Express, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Our API endpoints are efficiently packaged to prevent bloated lambdas.

React Admin Website

Prebuilt skeleton React-based admin interface with authentication and user management built-in.

Simple React Website

Create user-friendly web experiences with our easy-to-use React website template.


Streamline your development workflow with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Developer Tooling

Equipped with the tools you need to efficiently manage and troubleshoot your codebase.


Implement secure authentication through API Gateway Authorizer, reducing unnecessary lambda invocations.

Multiple Environments

Seamlessly transition between staging and production environments, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Run Locally

Develop and debug with ease using our local development environment.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Leverage the Serverless Framework to create and manage your AWS infrastructure efficiently.

Managed Environment Variables

Store and access environment variables through AWS SSM, enhancing security and organization.

Baseline Commands

Effortlessly generate new API endpoints, complete with infrastructure and code, for quick and flexible development.

Backend Features

The Baseline backend delivers unstoppable web app performance through serverless architecture, top-tier security, and developer-friendly scalability.

  • NodeJS and TypeScript Backbone

    Baseline relies on Node.js and TypeScript, offering a sturdy foundation with type safety and developer convenience.

  • Express-Powered API Handling

    Express is the backend's core for efficient API management, providing a familiar structure for developers.

  • Optimized for Serverless Efficiency

    The framework is fine-tuned for serverless operation, prioritizing performance and cost-effectiveness. It minimizes cold start times and utilizes Graviton 2 processors for cost savings.

  • Structured Codebase

    A well-structured codebase promotes modularity and organization, simplifying maintenance.

  • Efficient API Packaging

    APIs are efficiently packaged to prevent monolithic Lambda functions, ensuring high-performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Environment Variable Management

    Environment variables are centrally stored in AWS SSM, simplifying configuration management.

  • Authentication and Middleware

    Middleware components provide authentication with Cognito, route logging, and admin role checks, enhancing functionality.

  • Local Development and Debugging

    Robust local development tools facilitate API and DynamoDB emulation, debugging, and seamless environment variable configuration.

  • Deployment and Version Control

    Deployment is streamlined with preconfigured commands, CloudFormation stack separation, and self-referential infrastructure. Version control supports collaboration and reproducibility.

  • Monitoring and Logging

    Baseline includes monitoring via CloudWatch, tracking performance metrics and errors for operational transparency.

  • Scalability and Security

    Automatic scaling, traffic throttling, IAM Role-based permissions, and DynamoDB data-at-rest encryption ensure backend resilience and security.

  • Point In Time Recovery

    Support for Point In Time Recovery (PITR) for DynamoDB tables safeguards data integrity.

  • Serverless and Cost-Efficient

    With serverless architecture, Baseline is cost-effective, costing close to nothing when not in use, eliminating server maintenance.

  • Customization and Extensibility

    The codebase is designed for easy customization, allowing modification of any API component without hidden complexities.

  • AWS Integration and Infrastructure as Code

    Integration with various AWS services is seamless through CloudFormation/Serverless Framework, reinforcing infrastructure as code principles.

Frontend Features

Your toolkit for crafting exceptional web applications, empowered by a host of dynamic features.

  • Global CDN and Hosting

    The frontend leverages CloudFront and S3 for a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and efficient content hosting.

  • Cache Invalidation Automation

    Automated cache invalidation ensures up-to-date content delivery.

  • HTTPS-First Approach

    Secure data transmission is enforced with HTTP to HTTPS redirection and HTTP2 support.

  • Compression for Enhanced Performance

    Content is compressed using Gzip and Brotli for improved frontend and CDN performance.

  • Modern Tooling with TypeScript

    The frontend is built using contemporary tools, including TypeScript, React, and Vite.

  • DNS Management with Route53

    Route53 streamlines DNS management for efficient domain handling.

  • SSL/TLS Certificates Made Easy

    SSL/TLS certificates are readily accessible via AWS Certificate Manager when using Route53.

  • Custom Domain Support

    Support for adding custom domains via Route53 enhances branding options.

  • Environment Variables Simplified

    Environment variables are automatically populated for different environments, simplifying configuration.

  • Efficient Routing and Authentication

    Routing and authentication are preconfigured for a seamless initial setup.

  • Monorepo Synergy

    The codebase follows a monorepo structure, allowing shared code and types between frontend and backend components for consistency and collaboration.

What Makes Baseline Unique

  • Serverless First
  • Access to entire code base
  • Minimal abstraction
  • End to end framework including infrastructure
  • Easy to modify, elegance over abstraction
  • No Lock-In Dependencies
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Wide Array of Use Cases

Baseline is a full-stack framework that can be used to build a wide array of applications.

Web Applications

Develop responsive and scalable web applications.

Mobile Applications

Create robust mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

SaaS Solutions

Build software-as-a-service solutions tailored to your audience.


Launch and manage online marketplaces with ease.

B2B/B2C Applications

Seamlessly cater to both business and consumer audiences.

Headless CMS

Manage content efficiently using a headless content management system.

Why Choose Baseline?

Baseline is a full-stack framework that empowers startups to scale effortlessly and reduce costs by leveraging serverless technology.

Save Time and Money

Avoid extensive learning curves and configuration hassles.


Seamlessly scale your application as demand grows.

Focus on Features:

Devote more time to developing core features, less to tooling setup.


Reduce the likelihood of migration to more scalable solutions down the line.

Expert Configuration

Benefit from expertly configured AWS serverless architecture.

Hire with Ease

Easily onboard developers familiar with React, Express, and AWS.

Quick Start

Get your product to market faster with our streamlined development environment.

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Powered by Trusted Technology

A full stack application that is deployed to AWS using serverless. Carefully chosen technology that makes it more than the sum of its parts.

Package Management

Pnpm + Monorepo

Language & Build

TypeScript + ESBuild


React + Vite


NodeJS + Express

Linting & Formatting

Prettier + Eslint


AWS + Serverless Framework


Local & Bitbucket CI/CD

What's Included


Baseline License


Developer documentation


Community access


Access to Support

When Baseline May Not Be For You

  • Avoiding AWS: If AWS isn't your preferred cloud provider.
  • Different Architecture: If your project requires a significantly different architectural approach.
  • No Developer Experience: If you lack developer experience or expertise.